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Nomen mooring cleats represent an absolute excellence in the world of accessories for sailing and motor boats. Designed and built in Hamburg, Germany, the famous Nomen cleats are now an absolute reference for the sector and the Nomen brand is internationally recognized for the high quality of the products offered.

SpecialRig is the new exclusive distributor for the Italian market of the Nomen brand.

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The Nomen folding cleat combines the benefits of both, flush and rigid cleats to aesthetic perfection.

A modern-day classic. The original NOMEN cleat has been on the market since 2002 and is still as fresh as it was on its first day. It’s design creates a link between the past and the present. Flowing lines combined with interesting breaks, edges and transitions give it a timeless appearance. This cleat simply rests on the deck and waits to be used.

The simple, maintenance-free, one-handed mechanism, controlled by a single rubber ball, allows the cleat arms to snap gently into their end positions. It is perfectly in keeping with sailing and motor yachts, as well as on platforms and dinghies. And what about fitting it? It couldn‘t be easier. Just three holes need to be drilled into the deck and three screws tightened. This is very easy and saves on construction costs. The cleat arms are fitted by hand without tools.

The Nomen Clip-Cleat – an inspired fitting in the tradition of “form follows function”

Attractive, strong and simple. The Clip-Cleat goes a logical step further than Cleat 1: it has no open ends, but instead is always closed, even in the case of belaying. This protects the ankles of the crew, and on sailing yachts no sheets can get caught. At the same time, not only does the Clip-Cleat look great, but thanks to the integrated fairlead, it is also multifunctional. It is a cleat and fairlead in one. 

On all areas of the deck where the crew or guests move around, wherever people walk around barefoot and boats are moored at the same time, it is simply unbeatable. NOMEN single-handed operation! This cleat can be easily engaged with one hand. The rotating end pieces are pushed to the side by the line and automatically snap back into the middle. The integrated fairlead allows the boat to be pulled up to the pier in a controlled manner. Casting off is possible at any time without opening the cleat.

3D printing from stainless steel

Our Clip-Cleat is available in two versions, either with concealed screw connection via studs and nuts (see previous page), or bolted from above. The stainless steel version is also available with 3D printing end pieces, as shown here. This saves material and makes the product lighter, even though the cleat is completely made of stainless steel.

The Nomen Fairlead makes docking and mooring a sovereign process.

Protection due to good guidance: With Nomen fairleads the boat is moored particularly securely at its berth – especially when there is nobody on board. By using our fairleads, the tensile forces from the mooring line are transferred to the cleat at an optimal angle. This way, the boat in harbour is well under control, even in difficult conditions.

 With our open fairleads, the line can be placed quickly into the middle, open guide on the fairlead when docking. For extended periods at port, it is recommended to use one of the outer, closed guides.

Nomen integrated fairleads can be individually adapted to the boat and provide even better protection against damage from chafing than our standard fairleads. Painted surfaces, rails, standing rigging and other fittings can hardly come into contact with the mooring line when it is under load. Nomen integrated fairleads come in various designs which are adjusted to the boat geometry.

Coming soon

After 20 successful years in the superyacht- and the big boat market, Nomen bring out a new generation of folding cleats, designed by Axel Hoppenhaus, as contemporary further development of the classic Nomen cleat.

The new cleat has advantages for both, performance boats due to less product weight and production boat manufacturers due to a reasonable price level for serial boats.

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